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Prime lodge and Apartments has been fashioned to give the 21st century man a haven of peace, comfort and relaxation. We will ultimately give you the home experience of your dreams…YOU ARE WELCOME!!!

In creating Prime Lodge and Apartments, we remembered that a sound mind is very necessary for maximum productivity and all round success. Bearing this twin need of success and productivity, which will eventually result in fulfillment, Prime Lodge and Apartments is fashioned in variety.
Variety being a spice of life, reflects in our range of colors, exotic room accessories and furnishing. Cozy and comfortable room experience coupled with excellent lightening. Unbeatable security measures, recreational and body building facilities.


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Work Space

Coffee Bar

Secure Wi-Fi


Room Service

24x7 Reception

Car Rental

Fitness center

Cozy Rooms


Swimming Pool

Car Rental

Fitness Center

Fine Dining

Experience luxury at its peak

This unique facilities and features of Prime Lodge and Apartments will ultimately give you the home experience of your dreams.


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Studio Suite
Studio apartment
Lilly (1)
Luxury suite
Flora (1)
Executive suite
penthouse (1)
pent house
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